About Us

Bansal Power Presses is one of the best Power Press manufacturers with a marketing network throughout India.

Our products have achieved excellence in quality as we operate with the help of several departments which inform our production process. While we strive to integrate Research and Development to update our products on regular basis, our process also gets informed by the following departments within the company:

  • HR Department
  • Marketing and Sales Department
  • R & D Department
  • Designing Department
  • Quality Control Department
  • Production Department


Our History

Our company has been at the forefront of producing leading edge Power Presses since half a century. We supply our products to an established clientele across India.

1960s Shri Anandilal Bansal, our grandfather laid the foundation of our first business enterprise called Singhal Engineering Works (SEW). SEW manufactured geared and non-geared Rolling Key Clutch Presses at Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh). The company made a benchmark in the subsequent years making its name across India.
1970s Shri Narendra Kumar Bansal, our father specialised in engineering and joined the business to expand as well as to establish a large scale modern base. His vision of making leaps of progress and to bring perfection helped the business to flourish.
1990-91 Shri Narendra Kumar Bansal started a new manufacturing unit in parthership. Our Unit was built in the Midwestern town of Gujarat called Rajkot under the company name Singhal Power Presses Pvt Ltd. Under his technical leadership, the team developed Single and Two Point Cross Shaft Presses, High Speed Presses, and Permanent Inclined Presses and Large Bed Presses. In this venture, we introduced and specialised in producing Hydraulic shearing machine and Hydraulic Press Brakes.
1991-92 We integrated Research and Development with a vision that it will play a key role in the product development. This empowered us to establish high- tech manufacturing facilities at Rajkot making us one of the best Power Press producers in the country.
2010 This has been a very eminent year in our timeline. During this year the company introduced the production of Cross Shaft Presses with Geared and Non geared models and we established a business venture of our own called Swastik Engitech Pvt. Ltd at Rajkot with a brand-name called With our expertise of producing the best quality presses since 3 generations, our team always looks forward to introduce new innovations to make our products effective and excellent.
2011 Bansal Power Press further specialized in developing Ring & C Frame Cross Shaft Presses and Link Motion Presses. We also specialised in making the H Frame left and right Presses.
2012 Bansal Power Press developed Large Bed H Frame High Speed Presses for stampings upto 220 Tonne and permanent Inclined Presses.

Our Clientele

Our products have been purchased and appreciated by a vast number of across the country. We have supplied our machines to many ancillaries of renowned automobile companies which comprise of established brand names like Honda, Maruti, Mahindra, Hyundai, LG, Ashok Leyland, Renault, Nissan, Bosch, Bajaj and many more.

Our machines are known for its capability, strength, and a long lasting life. Our products are produced with the best leading edge technology to achieve excellent outputs and maximum customer satisfaction.