Our unit is built in a 30,000 square feet area which comprises of all the departments under one roof.

We specialise in Precision Power Press and we have installed the machines which provide the below mentioned expertise-

  • WMW Union Floor Boring Machine with Cross Travel of 8000 mm, Spindle Diameter 160 mm (Imported)
  • CNC Turning Center Max Swing Diameter 800 X 2000 mm Length (Imported)
  • CNC Flame Cutting Machine
  • CO2 Mig Welding Machines
  • Horizontal Boring Machine with Cross Travel of 1800 mm, Spindle Diameter 100 mm (Imported)
  • Bed Milling with Travel of 1600 X 1000 mm (Imported)
  • Vertical Turret Lathe of 1200 mm (Imported)
  • Radial Drilling Machine (Imported)
  • Hydraulic Surface Grinder (Imported)
  • Crank Shaft Grinder 2000 mm (Indigenous, Export Quality)
  • Overhead Cranes of various capacity
  • Lathe Machines of various sizes
  • Digital Measuring Instruments of various sizes
  • Gauges of various sizes
  • Master Plates of various sizes