Ring Frame Cross Shaft Power Press bNXR Series
Ring Frame Cross Shaft Power Press bNXR Series

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The Ultimate Possible Resistance To Slide Tipping & Off Center Loading
These guides are designed with extra length & surface area to provide best possible resistance to slide tipping caused by off center loading in the die and most suitable for highly precise pressing applications. This increases tool life.
Ring Frame Cross Shaft Power Press bNXR Series

Mentioned below are some other distinct features with details :


Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

As per standards we provide PLC with an inbuilt display system, which shows faults and gives remedy as well. It helps for easy maintenance and reduced break down time.

Cam Limit Swith Driven Through Gear

Cam Limit Switch driven through Gears instead of Sprockets & Chain provides accurate signals to PLC. No changes of double stroking takes place thus providing an optimum quality.

Miss Feed Sockets

Miss feed sockets are provided to turn the machine with an automation line.


All pneumatic items like FRL, Air Regulators, and Fittings are SMC which make duly fitted process in RITTAL. All pressure gauges are glycerine filled and are visible from front of the machine. Pressure Switch Drain Cock and Safety Valves are provided wherever required. Standard air outlets are provided for pneumatics tools.

Counter Balancer Lubrication

We provide all the machines with manual lubrication device for Counter Balancing System and the life of cylinders and seal increases as a result.

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