Quality Control

The quality assurance system has a quality control department which ensures excellence in production process.

This department conducts a close examination, right from the stage of procurement of raw material to the distribution process. To further strengthen the control on equipments, consistent efforts are made to upgrade our work systems at all the levels.

This system ensures strict adherence to specification from the raw material stage, wherein we check chemical as well physical properties. During the examination process we ensure that all the raw materials that are accepted and passed are free from cracks and surface discontinuities.


Quality Policy

We are known for producing one of the best Power Presses in the country. In order to attain excellence in our results we follow a strict feedback and quality policy system which reviews our products at all levels of production. We are committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and we stay in touch with all our customers.

We continuously upgrade our production process and we are very well acclaimed for the use of-

  • Genuine Material
  • Production of Quality Parts
  • Adhering to delivery schedules
  • Upgradation of technology to produce excellent products Over the years we have been known for maximizing customer satisfaction by providing best products at competitive prices.


All our processes are tested by trained experts and the research and development department consistently stays in touch with the testing department to upgrade our processes at appropriate levels.

The testing system ensures that-

  • Our products comply with the standard sandspecifications required by the customers.
  • QA/QC activities guarantee that the material supplied by us complies with the required standard specifications.
  • Trained and qualified QC staffconductsins pectionat every stage. Trained and qualified QC staff conductsins pectionat every stage.
  • All the employees are trained and well-equipped to perform the irassigned tasks with proficiency and perfection.
  • The inspection activity startsright from there ceiptofraw material and continues through out the manufacturing process until final shipment.
  • All our products are checked with ring and pluggauges, micrometer, verniercalipers, slip gauges and specially designed gauges which are periodically checked and calibrated.
  • We keep are cord of our processes and the testing system ensures that all our products achieve an excellent quality in the final stage.